Forestry Products

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

787th CEIEA Natural Resource Section (787CES/CEIEA)

Building 2404 Vandenberg Ave

Joint Base MDL, NJ 08641


Forest Products Flyer 

Forest Products Small-lot Sales Permit Required

Conditions and requirements allowing for firewood cutting and collection of other forest products on JB MDL in accordance with AFMAN 32-7003.

The receipt of this permit purchase will be considered proof of a sales agreement between the purchaser and the United States Air Force (USAF). The purchaser is required to have a copy of the permit available while collecting, or in possession of, firewood or forest products on the installation.

The cost of the permit for cutting firewood at JBMDL is $20 per cord payable via an electronic transfer on the JBMDL i-sportsman website: ( The 1 cord permit fee is $20.00 and is valid for a 7 consecutive day period and the 2 cord permit fee is $40.00 and is valid for a 14 consecutive day period.

The cost of the permit allowing the collection of forest products other than firewood is $12.00 for a consecutive 4 day permit or $21.00 for a consecutive 7 day permit payable via an electronic transfer on the JBMDL i-sportsman website: ( Other forest products include, but are not limited to, pine cones, pine straw, huckleberry, grapevines, berries, mistletoe and birch whips.   

The purchaser agrees to read and abide by all conditions listed:

The permit is not transferable or renewable.

The purchaser is to harvest forest products in the designated area only.

The purchaser agrees to exercise caution in all operations on the property of JB MDL and to assume full liability for damages to improvements on said property.

The purchaser is responsible for clean-up of the area. No trash shall be left behind.

The purchaser shall save and hold the USAF harmless for all damages to property and injury to all persons arising from this permit or for any damages which may result from removal of said forest products by the purchaser or through his/her operations.

The purchaser agrees to prevent and suppress all wildland fires occurring in the permit area to the best of his/her ability and to assume full liability for damages occurring from wildland fires resulting from use of this permit.

The purchaser agrees to leave the area if military training is encountered.

The purchaser agrees to limit operations to daylight hours only.

The purchaser agrees to cut standing dead trees or dead trees on the ground unless given specific authorization from JBMDL Natural Resources staff.

 Purchasers of this permit must abide by all laws pertaining to artifact collection and historic sites; collection of any artifacts is illegal.

Purchasers of this permit must not collect or disturb any plants listed as threatened or endangered by the State of New Jersey or the federal government.


The USAF may terminate this permit at any time either by phone or email notification.


Other considerations:

Be aware that some areas contain buildings and overhead wires. Do not cut a tree unless you are sure you can do so without impacting any infrastructure.

Cut standing trees as low to the ground as possible. All remaining stumps must be no higher than 6 in. Remove all wood larger than 2” in diameter.

Do not leave remaining brush in bivouac areas or in areas that would block future access. Cut and remove firewood only during the term shown on the contract. Contact the Natural Resources office to request a time extension necessitated by unforeseen military training or inclement weather.    

A cord is a stack of wood 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.

Cord equivalents:

Stake body                  1 cord

8 ft. pick-up                ½ cord

6 ft. pick-up                1/3 cord

Small pick-up              ¼ cord