Here is where you buy permits, check area availability, check-in/-out of areas, report game harvested or fish caught, and more. All hunters and anglers are required to go through this portal to access the privilege of hunting and fishing at Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst. To properly use iSportsman, you should read and understand the educational materials available from this website.


 The updated JB MDL regulations are in effect and can be found here : 2023-2024 Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Regulations

If you partake in any iSportsman related outdoor activities on JB MDL, you are required abide by these regulations.


***The Natural Resources department strives to deliver the best hunting, trapping, and fishing experience on JB MDL while also adhering to all required Air Force safety regulations.***

***Due to raised operating costs of the Hunting and fishing program, permit prices will see an increase of $5 for the 2023-2024 permit cycle.***






On 7/1/2024 your safety brief valadation will expire! You must take the hunting and fishing safety brief again before you can check-in. 



To report a deceased deer or illegal dumping site, please use the link below.

Deer Reporting System

 JBMDL Trash Reporting System

You may also report a diseased deer sighting to NJDFW here:



 YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HUNT and/or FISH IF YOU CAN NOT CHECK IN/OUT. Any issues with accounts must be resolved FIRST, NO EXCEPTIONS! 





Spring Trout Stocking Will Be Tueasday November 14th 2023!

This year the natural resources team have acquired a select number of trophy-sized trout that are greater than 21”! This will provide anglers of all ages the opportunity to catch a once in a lifetime fish. To further the excitement, each trophy fish will have a numbered lip tag that can be submitted to Natural Resources personnel. Anglers who catch one of these trophy fish will be entered for a chance to win a free fishing permit for the following year. We would love to see your photos of anglers fishing, and especially with a trophy sized trout. You may even make your way into a featured article that could be shared throughout the JB MDL community.

Raffle Eligibility:

-The angler must provide their name and fish harvest date/time.

-The angler must keep the tag.

-The angler must have the proper iSportsman permit.

-The angler must have properly checked-in & checked-out of iSportsman.

-All tag numbers, information, and pictures must be sent to in order to be entered into the raffle.

Fish Stocking Locations & Numbers:

-Amphibious Lake: 350 Trout

-Lake of the Woods: 400 Trout

-Island Pond: 150 Trout

Laurel Pond: 150 Trout

**The trophy trout will be stocked at all three locations; however, the amounts will not be disclosed**







Spring turkey scouting on JB MDL will begin April 6th. You must have all permits and safety briefs up to date in order to participate in scouting activities. You must sign in and out of each area!

Scouting will be open 7 days a week 1.5 hours before sunrise and close 1.5 hours after sunset.




Attention Parents or Guardians of Youth Hunters-

As of 9/1/2023, all youth HUNTERS now require their own iSportsman account and may not be checked in as a guest. Youth hunters and their parent or guardians must check-in and out on their own accounts seperately. If a youth hunter fails to check-in or out of an area, the penalty will be administered to the parent or guardian.

(Exception: If you want to bring your child with you to enjoy the hunting experience and the child will not be hunting, you may check them in as a guest*)


The 2023-2024 New Jersey Fish and Hunting and Trapping seasons and regulations have been updated in the NJ Hunting and Trapping digest. The 2023-2024 Hunting and Trapping Digest can be found here:


Please help NJ survey turkey broods. Use the link below to report turkwy broods in NJ



The number and website address are printed on all hunting licenses and deer permits. The toll-free number is 855-I-HUNT-NJ (855-448-6865). Hunters can also report deer online at the division's license sales/harvest reporting website: 

 Please check the NJ digest for a complete list of season dates. Specific information for Dix-McGuire section (Zone 37) can be found on page 41. Information on the Lakehurst section (Zone 53) can be found on page 42.


Click the link below for directions on placing a point on a map where you can report a UXO that has been found.